Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hunger meter: 3
Energy meter: 8

It's day 4 and I'm on a roll! I was a little worried since I had to work today, and that meant being away from my fridge and veggie snacks. Encouraged by the fullness of last night, I woke up full. Yes, full. I drank my shake anyway and off to work I went. And, honestly, did not want food again till 12:30 or so. Before, I would have had a snack and lunch by then. So far I'm very happy with the RESET. I did get hungry towards the afternoon, but was so happy to have lots of cucumbers and an apple on hand to fill the void. And I didn't feel sleepy or lethargic at all as I tend to get around 3 or 4. Maybe that means I'll be more productive now? Meh, we'll see :)

And just as I was feeling so good about myself, I left work. I drove to the store to get a couple of necessary items and the smell of something grilling was almost too much. Then when I got back from the gym tonight, my roommate had made the most amazing smelling pita pizza (which is actually low-glycemic, and I fully intent to make one this weekend). I really really really want to eat food again! It wasn't what was cooking, it's the idea of eating a hot meal and actually chewing something. I'm chewing ice right now and my jaw hurts. And I'm cold. Good thing there is only one more day of this!

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