Saturday, January 16, 2010


Weight (I’m only posting this once a week): 190
Goal weight: 145
Pounds to go: 45

Hunger Meter (out of 10, 10 being really hungry): 7

Well, it is toward the end of my first day of the RESET. I admit I was so excited to start that I had a horrible sleep last night, but I was up and raring to go around 9 anyway. First thing, I went to the gym and did my 30 mins on the treadmill. I was planning to weigh myself this morning, to get the most accurate number, but the scale on our gym disappeared. So I made a trip to Target this afternoon to buy a scale so my starting weight is about as accurate as you’re gonna get!

(Let me tell you two things I believe are fundamental about scales. First, they are not an indicator of how healthy you are and second, they lie. No, really. I’ve never “looked” as heavy as the scale says I am. I’ve always had a lot of muscle mass, so that may be why. I have not had a scale in my possession in more than 10 years. And, except for once or twice a year at the doctor’s office, I make it a rule to never weigh myself. I generally gauge my weight by how my clothes fit. I think this is a far better indicator of how I’m doing. But, in the interest of trying a new weight-loss strategy, I will count my success by the numbers on the scale.)

The day has been ok. I kept myself busy most of the morning/afternoon doing some writing. This was great because mentally, my mind was busy and physically, I wasn’t moving around too much and making myself hungrier. I have felt lightheaded and slightly nauseous, but I think that’s partly due to my lack of good sleep. I did have one moment this afternoon where I felt awful and had to lie down. But 30 minutes later, I felt much better.

I ran errands this afternoon, and was proud of myself for limiting my food purchases to veggies. See, I had to walk through the candy aisle looking for items for a wedding shower at the end of the month. I was not tempted to buy ANYTHING for me! Huzzah! Of course, I just walked by our pantry and thought, “hmm what will I have for dinner?” Duh, a protein shake but getting out of the habit of eating whatever I want promises to be very challenging.

Tonight, I plan on relaxing by watching football and movies. I would say that Day 1 has been a success. Let’s hope Day 2 will go just as smoothly.

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