Saturday, January 30, 2010


And I'm off! The weight loss is, well, stagnant but the clothes fit a whole lot better! Which is good, because it means I'm building muscle mass, which will increase the level of weight loss. What's more fun is the effect of the diet on my body. Last night, due to bad weather, we held a bridal shower for my friend Sarah (it was supposed to be this afternoon). It ended up being a much smaller affair due to the last minute change, but we still had all the food. So I did my part by having mimosas and cake. Well, I had the worst headache and woke up this morning feeling hungover and gross. For the record, I had only one drink. So it's quite shocking the effect that reintroducing white sugar has on my body. I've decided to stick with this till March and the wedding. Then we'll see where I am. It's so hard to stay away from white sugar, since it's everywhere. I just wish it didn't shock my body so badly.

In other news, I am snowed in! Well, in NC. It's icy and snowy, and while I could get out of here tomorrow, I'm not sure where I would go. DC is getting about 10 inches of snow today, and last time that happened it took a couple days to clear the highways! I may be stuck here a lot longer, which isn't good for my magazine. We're in the final stages of content development and a little behind, so when the editor (me) isn't there to move things along, it just doesn't happen. Good thing this issue is so light! I think the readers will forgive me (I hope!). It's one of those things...If I am not there, nothing happens. So frustrating! Oh well, I know there isn't anything I can do about it so why bother stressing? I'm going to snuggle up with a blanket, tea and a good book and enjoy the break while I have it.

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