Monday, January 18, 2010


Hunger Meter: 3
Energy Meter: 6

Today has been a much better day. I didn't have to work today, and thought "Yes! Another sleep in day!" Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 7. Huh? Yeah. I had energy to spare and my body did not want nor need more sleep. It was amazing to realize that even though I thought I was eating healthy, the food I've been eating has kept me slow and sluggish. Just, wow.

So with all the spare time I found myself with, I spent the morning looking through my cookbooks and food lists, picking the foods I'll need to get for the next week. See, I had to go grocery shopping today as I ran out of fruit. Plus I need to prepare a dish for a dinner party on Thursday, one which I am sure will be the only dish I can eat. This must be a week of firsts because I made, and stuck!, to my list! I only bought the things I should be eating, not even tempting myself by picking a dish that contains food I can't eat!

But it wasn't all roses. I really wanted to eat the food I bought for later in the week now. I miss chewing food. And even though I've been snacking on veggies and fruit all day, it's not the same when dinner is a shake. I actually half-blended it with ice so I could have something to chew on. I just keep telling myself, two more days!

Lastly, I am full. What? Yes, I am full. It's after "dinner," and I'm not hungry at all. I wonder if I'll even want all that food when I am able to eat it? Let's hope the answer is yes :)

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