Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Time is Super Fine

Hello blogosphere! It's certainly been a while, and that's ok because that means I have been busy. Since I last checked in, the snow has melted and the sun is shining from 6 am to 930 pm. With so much day, and such nice weather, being outside has been my favorite past time. I need the sun after that terrible, long winter. Do I have to do that every year? We seeded the yard, so I have spent a lot of time watering grass so the seed will take. Once it does I'll post before/after photos. We don't have a large garden area, so in the little corner plot we've planted irises, tulips, strawberry plants and some herb plants. I also convinced Darren to open up a small area in the yard for some legacy raspberry plants - my mom got them from Devon, gave them to my aunt, and she's now giving them to me to replant in Devon. It feels SO good to have roots!

Right now I'm also training for my first triathlon. Should be a good time, if I can get myself ready for it. I hate running and after the swimming and biking, it's going to be hard. But I guess as long as I finish I can say I accomplished something!

After I moved here I decided to take a little time off to just adjust and relax. Well, after a really terrible interview (on both sides) and a little soul searching, I decided to give myself the summer off as well so I'll have a full year away from the office, so to speak. I'm still consulting and creating a little business with USANA (, let me know if you want to learn more), but nothing that requires me to be any certain place at a certain time. And I love it! I really would just like to be a housewife all the time but with a wedding next year we need the money. After the summer I'll revisit the whole work situation and see where we are. I am so stoked for the summer!