Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Well, uh, sorry for the LONG hiatus! I stopped blogging before I even got started! haha. I guess life got really busy. I was reminiscing with my sister about 2009, and we agreed that a lot of stuff happened, but mostly it didn't. This was an entirely boring year. Since my last post, I went camping with Darren in the beautiful mountains of Alberta, got some really big projects are work rolling (yay resume builders!), attended two wonderful weddings of very wonderful people (congrats Jenny and Ed, and Ken and Naomi!), successfully completed Financial Peace University (I'm starting 2010 DEBT FREE!), and got involved and invigorated about my church. 2009 wrapped up with a two-week Christmas vacation (thanks blizzard of '09) that included our last holiday season in North Carolina and a turning point in my LDR (more on that later).

(Falls we hiked to this summer)

I know that the title of this post is somewhat contrived, but 2010 really is about to blow our socks off. My parents are moving to Houston in February, which means I'll be doing a lot of traveling to and from Raleigh to help pack and calm my mother down. Since my wonderful friend Sarah is also getting married in March, her various pre-wedding events will provide me with an excuse to leave the house sometimes. As for Chris-Anne, I don't think she'll stick around Raleigh very long after that. Her boyfriend is in med school in Norfolk, so I expect her to move soon.

Since I am starting 2010 DEBT FREE, I am looking forward to having some extra cash to travel. My sister, cousins and I are planning a girls trip sometime in May/June. After my association's big Covention at the end of June, I have the rest of the summer to chill and plan my next adventure: moving to Canada! That's right, I'm ready to announce it. It's officially on. Darren's most recent visit really proved to me that we should be together and I don't want to wait anymore. So I'm not. Come July/August, I'll be living in the great white north again. And yes, you all have to come visit!

I'm not big on resolutions, mostly because if I really want to do something I'll just do it. But I am hopeful that 2010 will result in positive changes and excitement for me and my family. I also pray the same for you and yours.

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  1. Dang, girl. When you announce, you announce! I guess when you have six months or so between things, you can really go all out... ; )