Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Slammed

I haven’t had time to write lately because I have been just slammed at work with projects and deadlines. There really is too much to do these days, and the weeks and months ahead appear to be worse. BUT the diet and weight loss continue to go well in spite of this increase in stress. My go-to stress reliever has always been food. And while I can feel the chocolate cravings more intensely these days, they are easier to ward off because it’s a psychological thing, not a body addiction thing.

So, I still feel great. To date, I have lost 13 pounds! And I guess it’s starting to show because every day, someone stops me and tells me how skinny I look. I can’t say I hate it. It feels really good to hear and motivates me to keep going! So far, none of my work clothes fit and the bridesmaid dress I have to wear in three weeks went from being too small to too big, so big I WILL have to get it altered this weekend. Dangit. I did not want to spend the money!

The only thing I wish I had was time to continue trying new recipes and low-glycemic meals. For now, I’m running on soups and salads, and my shirataki noodles are sitting in my fridge untouched. I’m hoping that after the wedding, my weekends will be mine to enjoy and I can start trying these recipes. Until then I’ll just keep my belt tight and hope my pants don’t fall off as I walk up the stairs to my office.

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