Saturday, April 25, 2009

Living Each Day to the Fullest

Bea Arthur died today. I know, I know. This seems like a random thing for me to post about. But I was pretty upset when I heard the news! I mean, Bea Arthur. She was an incredible woman. True, I did not know her personally. But look at what she accomplished! When I was in college, I took a women in the media class as part of my journalism degree. And when you look back at how women were portrayed in Bea Arthur's day, you realize that she was truly a pioneer who opened doors and changed the way media looked at a woman's role on TV. And don't even get my started on the Golden Girls! That show was awesome and, I admit it, one of my favorites. Although I still don't understand why certain individuals insisted on calling me Rose...

But back to the topic at hand. Death has always been a bit of an abstract thought to me. Even when loved ones and friends close to me passed away, it was always odd because I never really cried. Tears were shed, but overwhelming sobs eluded me. I mean, I was upset and all (I'm not a robot), but I always find myself thinking, "they lived a good life." Young or old, they did. I don't want to diminish what they weren't able to accomplish, but shouldn't that be what we strive for everyday? To do the very best we can and live each day to it's possible fullest?

I'll probably never do everything I want to do, and I'll never do everything I should do. There will be days when I don't do a whole lot. I won't cure cancer or AIDs, or negotiate peace in the middle east. But I'm not talking about the big things, I'm talking about the little ones. Letting someone in front of me on the highway, waiting patiently for those darn DC tourists to cross the street or even just letting someone chat my ear off because she really needed to get it off her chest. I try each day to live as well as I can and I try not to let opportunities pass me by. And, when the day comes for me to leave this earth, I can only pray that everyone at my funeral is thinking the same thing: "She lived a good life."

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